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Badass Hornet-fighter

Japan has these things called, aptly, "giant hornets". Like giant robots, they are a pretty big problem in Japan. Giant Hornets are 3-4" long, making them about the size of my ring finger, or about three times the size of an American hornet.

As you might imagine, Giant Hornet infestations in human habitations are dangerous. They are aggressive and have 1" stingers. So here is a video in the "badass old dude" genre (like the 80 yr. old in Africa who punched out a lion when it menaced his grand-daughter) that blew my mind. He's 78 years old. He fights Giant Hornets with, I kid you not - a vacuum cleaner and a samurai sword. the video is in Japanese, so I'm not sure WHY he does this, other than that he it needs doing, and he is apparently psychotically awesome.


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