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Totally wiped today! I went on a camping/nerding expedition this weekend. I helped organize a massive feast for all the other participants, which involved a lot more work than I expected last week. For the most part it came off well, though it's certainly true that it's much easier to make a small batch where I can keep an eye on each little bit to make sure it's "just so". But when you're organizing salads, appetizers, rice, place settings and beverages for three dozen people *and* cooking more than 30 lbs of kebabs, not every morsel will be perfect. I hope people were patient with what flaws there were.

Sunday I woke up with a truly filthy hang over that last most of the day. I had the same get up and go and native cunning as the three-toed sloth that rode the short bus to the three-toed sloth school, and was thus largely useless until pyr8queen and daogre and I went to see the excellent District 9 after dinner. And then I had to go right to work, from 10pm until 7 or so this morning.

Once upon a time I stayed up for 11 days with less than half an hour of sleep a day. Today, one overnight is more than I can handle. I feel foggy and useless...not quite as much as yesterday, which just tells me that drinking makes you even stupider than not sleeping. But taken in combination?

Wake me Wednesday, maybe I'll be ok!

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