Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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Morning Faces

Up very early today, as I have been so often, lately. I worked out, showered, made breakfast and coffee and sat on the balcony reading Iain Banks' latest.

As the morning wore on, people left the building. The entrance is next to my balcony, and I was sitting so that I could see the ocean, which faces in that direction. There are succulents, herbs, a lemon tree and flowers on the balcony ledge, so when I'm sitting quietly it's hard to notice me or anyone at the table.

I notice that everyone who left the building had their eyes firmly fixed on the exit gate. No one looked around, or up - not at the cloudy sky, not at the morning glories blooming, not at the cat lazing on the wall. Just out the gate, and onto the road.

They were on their way and off, most of them with headphones on, too - so they didn't hear the mourning doves and sparrows and hummingbirds and distant crashing surf.

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