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The Main Line Murders, 30 years later.

This is the 30th Anniversary of the Main Line Murders, detailed in this CNN article:
Maine Line Murder Case Echoes 30 Years Later

I have a connection to this case. Susan Reinert was a friend of my mother's, and I knew both her children, Michael and Karen,with whom I played at "Parents Without Partners" meetings that our respective mothers attended.

What's more, Vince Valaitas who is referenced heavily in this article, was my favorite teach at Upper Merion High School, from which I graduated. He was a kindly, encouraging, enthusiastically geeky guy who managed to be both a huge trekker, and also well-spoken and charismatic. He was profoundly effected by this case; the "two part mini-series" mentioned in this article aired in my senior year, 1989. Mr. Valaitas had a hard time with it, as he was himself a character in the show. (Played by an actor, of course.) He was honest about how badly used he felt by Bradfield, and how much the murders had haunted him through his whole life.

It's weird and dark to hear about my favorite teacher in this manner, but I'm glad to hear that he's the head of the English department, and glad to hear he's talking about what happened. And I'm chilled to read this, "The focus shifted to the school where they all taught -- Upper Merion High School, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Upper Merion was already roiling in scandal. The principal, Smith, was headed to prison. He'd been caught robbing Sears stores dressed as a security guard and prowling a mall parking lot, armed and wearing a hood."

Given that this school was the same that just a few years later graduated Caleb Farley, who turned out to be a murderer himself, it just seems like my dear old Alma Mater is cursed.

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