Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Tweeting Iran

As is my habit, I was watching the news while getting ready to leave for work this morning. I was apalled.

Naturally the unrest in Iran was a chief topic of interest. But what absolutely blew my mind was that they were reporting on tweets about Iran. Mind you, these were not tweets FROM Iran, they were just random tweets like "We're all praying for you in Iran, stay strong, go long." What the hell? This is news? Unsourced (and unattributed) comments from random people on the internet?

What's more, they were braying about how amazing it was that they're using social media sites to get the scoop on Iran. Has anyone told these morons that they're supposed to be reporting TO the masses on the facts, rather than reporting on what the masses are yammering about? The difference between Twitter and MSNBC is that, allegedly, MSNBC has journalists on staff who will confirm and fact-check the sources they report on. If I want to hear what jackasses on Twitter are saying about Iran, I'll just go to Twitter. And they were proud of this! Like it was some major breakthrough in journalism, to dispense entirely with journalistic integrity and just repeat rumor and hearsay.

There's no accountability in journalism - no one to pull them up to a short, sharp halt and tell them they're DOING IT WRONG. But I sure as hell won't be watching MSNBC again anytime soon, or any other news reporter that just repeats rumors and claims it's "news".

This just in from Twitter, "MSNBC staffed entirely by fucking donkeys!" "Reporters club baby harp seals to release tension after work!" "Journalism is dead, and twitter is corpsefucking it!" "Just had a great sammich for lunch!"

Report that, you frickin' fuckronauts.

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