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Music Monday: Leonard Cohen Contrast Edition

I love Leonard Cohen. He fits the same place in my pantheon that Tom Waits does in others'; a poet of the wasteland, a beautiful nothingness, a gravelly, soulful bard of The Suck. Cohen's oeuvre is far more complicated than that, of course - and we can't forget his Bad Granddad obsession with beautiful women, long past a time when it's seemly for him either to indulge it, admit it, or especially celebrate it, as he does so often.

His voice is whisky, it's so smooth it burns, it's so harsh it soothes - and it's gotten mellower and deeper with age. Here's the official video of one of my favorite songs, "Dance Me To The End of Love" Embedding on youtube has been disable, so I provide here the link to the Official Video of "Dance Me To The End of Love" It's beautiful, and the song suits the simple video, which has a wedding video quality entirely appropriate to the subject.

Compare that to a more recent version, live. His voice is, impossibly, even deeper, even more gravelly (and gravely, for that matter) - and even more satisfying.

The world in which Leonard Cohen gets to have a great and storied musical career can't be too bad.

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