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Dithering and Simmering

I'm always surprised to come home the day after a party to find a clean apartment. Far more people showed up than I expected, and for almost the first time, I don't have any leftovers! This is a shame, as the food was quite good, if I may say so myself. A random New Zealander musician who dropped in (friend of a friend) claimed my burgers were worth selling his soul to get, which was high praise indeed.

Currently I'm simmering and dithering - simmering because of the CA SC's decision on Prop 8. Reading the actual text of the decision it's not as disastrous as one might think, as all the privileges of being married are still afforded to same-sex couples, they're simply barred from calling it marriage. That still sucks, but it doesn't suck as mightily as it could. Naturally right wing bigots crawled out of the woodwork to support the decision. Thus I simmer. I still have yet to have one opponent of gay marriage explain to me how same-sex couples affects them at all, much less negatively. I do not understand, I ascribe it to futureshock and bigotry. And simmer.

I dither because I know I really ought to be working out. (Wii Active totally kicks my ass, and by the way, you don't need the balance board from Wii Fit to do it, though if you have it, it will integrate it.) Now I am done dithering; I have a couple of soul-destroying burgers to work off. I barely got to taste the smoked habanero ribs!

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