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pyr8queen, like a lot of girlfriends, is crazy for all things organic. If it's something that you eat, drink, wear, slather on you, feed to animals or... well use in any substantial way, it has to be organic.

Me, I like it fried and delicious, and who cares where it comes from. So imagine a sort of promised land where there's things that are fried and delicious, and yet completely organic and locally grown. This fabled land could bring peace between the sexes, as well as leaving them sated and well-nourished!

Burgerville provides at fast-food speed and prices, delicious, locally grown organic foods. Their burgers taste incredibly fresh, their shakes are made with real fruit (when it's the kind with fruit) and they have all sorts of great sides, that change seasonally. Like right now they've got fried asparagus spears (served with kickass garlic ailoli sauce). You eat at Burgerville, and you're getting something that was either walking around or poking out of the dirt very recently. Contrast that with your average chain fastfood joint, and whatever you're stuffing in your piehole is probably mostly chemical, and last drew breath (or respirated C02) back in the 'Nam.

I wish Burgerville was in Southern California. Amazing, delicious, fast, cheap, organic, locally grown, seasonal. Even the ladies behind the counter were sassy, and told me not to order one thing because I could just order another, get what I wanted, and pay less.


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