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E-A-G-L-E-S Eag...ah who am I kidding?

Draft time. Eagles had a big gap in their ranks when they traded away Brian Dawkins, I figured they were a cinch to take their first pick on a really clutch free safety. Nope.

heir first round pick is a star player, J. Maclin -- who has been badly injured every year since 2006. If he stays healthy, then giving Donovan a big performer to hit deep is a great add to the team, already very strong offensively with Westbrook and a crew of reliable performers for the short-to-mid pass.

What they didn't do was replace Brian Dawkins, who is a defensive juggernaut that's made big plays, stayed healthy, and been a huge contributor to the team. Fifth pick was a CB (Victor Harris). Fifth! The Philly news is all over Harris, and basically ignoring Maclin, which goes to show you my fellow bird-brains have the same concerns.

I predict a wretched season for the Eagles, who will get run all over on the offense because of their weak line, and a dismal defense without any big plays. They may find a few saves in a strong special teams, but don't have the core to go all the way. I count your offensive line and Defensive safeties as the core of any team: the line to give a QB time to make a play, and keep a really key QB healthy - the safeties to read the offense and stuff the plays. The Eagles have neither.

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