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Lazy Sunday in Venice

This is, I think, the most beautiful time of year in Venice. I might prefer Winter, for it's bluster and chill (and most importantly, lack of crowds!) but today the sun is warm but not hot, and there's a breeze blowing. All the flowers are in a riot of blooms, and cats and people are lazily hanging out near convenient sunbeams. The drum circle is frenetic, and the people attending more excited, more enthusiastic than usual. The recent rain has made everything green for a while.

Earlier pyr8queen and I took Bluesephalus up to the Venice Farmer's Market. We got fresh blueberries with which I made a pie that's cooling now. (I'm afraid it probably didn't turn out very well, it's more like a blueberry-jelly pie. My pies are always...exciting. Not necessarily good. I just don't have the touch.) We've also got fresh-from-the-cow filets and I'm determined to try one of G. Ramsay's more high-falutin' recipes with a wild morel mushroom creme sauce, some fingerling potatoes and duck fat and sea salt to fry them in, and broccolini with which to ...um, I'm not sure what do with that one. Anyway, it's been a long and lazy weekend which will be capped off with a superb meal.


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Jun. 11th, 2009 09:24 am (UTC)
We've romantic honeymoon in Venice. What can I say? Venice is most incredible city on earth and an adventure all the while you are there.

The sea permeates everything in Venice - its in the art, its in the air, you're surrounded by it, the only way to travel anywhere is by boat, because there are no cars (which is fantastic!!) The other thing about Venice is the masks. They're everywhere, of every colour, design, shape and price you could want. And boy are they gorgeous. We went to see a show of the history of the Carnivale, which was great because all the masks and costumes came to life. Carnivale seems like an incredible and surreal time to be in Venice - that is my new aim in life.

Jun. 11th, 2009 03:06 pm (UTC)
I'm actually referring here to Venice, California, where I live. But I've been to Carnevale in Venice, Italy - and it was surreal and beautiful and unforgettable.
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