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Phone replaced

far too much to do - cook dinner (roast leg of lamb and artichoke), pack, get some work done, shop around a short story - but I've finally replaced my iPhone.

I got a Blackberry Curve from work. I do not love it, it is for all its sophistication, very rudimentary and the interface was designed for ... well, I'd say linux geeks but in truth, I am a linux geek, and it's not for me. It's counter-intuitive, complicated, and ugly. RIM is only in business because they were first to market with a smart-phone, not because it's any good. It has a fraction of the functionality of the iPhone, and none of its loveliness.

On the other hand, if I get it wet, they will fix or replace it. And the earth is, in fact, 4/5ths covered with water.

At any rate, you can now call me, were you so inclined, and I would likely answer.

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