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Fennecs Breeding Success

pyr8queen's attempt at breeding Fennec Foxes is coming along wonderfully. With her parents away for almost a year, she figures she can get in three good litters before they're back, and they are very much in demand as they're legal to own as pets in CA, and cute as the dickens. Apparently she's gotten quite a few requests from importers in Japan, too, who are just crazy for exotic-but-cute animals.

Unexpectedly, her sister's cat Phoebe has taken a real shine to one of the Fennec kits. We took this video of Phoebe cleaning the kit to send to one of the importers in Japan, and she (the importer) posted it on youtube. After adding weird music.

So this is all just a rambling way to say...anyone want to buy a Fennec? They're very tameable, but they do like to dig so they'd be happiest somewhere hot and dry with a yard to dig around in.

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