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Man Overboard

The sail over was uneventful - motoring all the way rather than tacking right into the teeth of the wind. We'd just got our stuff stowed, the motor on the dinghy and were ready to take the dog ashore when some folks in a 40' ketch called "Persephone" caught our mooring line. We narrowly avoided colliding with them by muscle power and taking the lord's name in vain. While they were trying to extricate themselves, they knocked our life preserver off its mount.

I was trying to reach down and grab it, but misjudged how far over I was leaning- and in I went. Man overboard. So... on the first weekend of spring, PERSEPHONE knocked away our life preserver, and I went overboard. pyr8queen was too busy tying the boat down again to help, so she grabbed my cell phone while I moved around to the dinghy and wallowed my way up into it. I can't believe how out of shape I've gotten, and just how cold that water was. My cell phone, a spiffy iPhone, utterly dead.

I'm extremely annoyed and, as a result of reading "On Stranger Tides" afraid of the symbolic significance of having my life preserver and communications gear destroyed by a brush with Persephone. Not to mention severely PUT OUT that there's no way to insure an iPhone, and I may just be out of luck and have to buy a replacement at full price. Just thinking about it is making me furious, actually.

The rest of the trip was less eventful but also not delightful - mold on the boat made allergies and asthma act up tremendously and I spent the night and morning either wheezing and sleepless or drugged out of my mind on benadryl. Lest I seem to ungrateful a wretch, I remind you - what I'm saying here is that sailing across the Pacific to hang out on a luxurious island with a beautiful woman wasn't exactly perfect. Yeah, we should all be so lucky, right?

I saw a baby elephant seal, ravens, crows, gulls, cormorants, storm petrels, sea lions, dolphins, a golden retriever and a kind of gull that I haven't seen before that I need to identify.

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