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BSG finale

Just finished watching it. Aside from the one conceit that, while necessary to achieve a certain story end, utterly strained credulity - I thought it was absolutely perfect. And even that one flaw was in service to a very, very worthwhile end.

I can't recall a series finale that was as finely done. B5 comes close, but the irregularity of the final two seasons meant the crescendo wasn't quite as stunning as this one. This was some serious Pelennor Fields kinda stuff, man! I loved it. I'm entirely satisfied. I was afraid they'd written themselves into a hole for a while there, but the final season brought it all together in a perfectly satisfying way, and the final episode was the superb-cherry on the cake-of-awesome.

I feel like I need a drink or a cigarette! Can't wait to watch it again with pyr8queen, who is away in Mexico probably bossing around Mexican cats or something.

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