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I dream of a priest and his savings

i had a dream last night that I took a double-decker bus to "the catholic saving zone" which was a shopping center where priests gave you gift certificates based on what they thought you need. A priest was driving the bus and talked to each person individually on the way there. He called me up to talk to him, because the driver's seat was on the second level. He asked me what I wanted, and I tried to look him in the eye and say, "Father, I'm not Catholic and I've never gone to confession," but he cut me off and pointed at the road and said, "Eyes on where we're going!" He looked like a character actor who's name I can't place, but anyway he was mid 40's, brown hair with grey, short, broad-shouldered. Our talk turned into a big theological lesson and driving leasson.

Then I was walking around the shopping center again, and I saw the priest, and he was walking around with a hot breadstick like it was a cigar. The breadstick steamed because it was cold out, and the bread was still hot from the oven. He seemed really happy and i said to him, "Father, I can't help but question..." and he cut me off and said, "Look again and you'll see - nowhere in the bible does it say God wants you to question him."
And i said, "What does he want?" and he said, "He wants you to LISTEN, and to OBEY." I absolutely collapsed, and leaned against a planter and said, "How can God ask that of us?" and then I woke up.


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Mar. 20th, 2009 07:33 pm (UTC)
I actually agree very much with your subconscious. We *are* meant to listen and to obey. It's just... The instructions are different for all of us. (I don't believe that the Bible is the literal word of God- I view it as a record of man's experience of God.)

Also, God does ask it of us, but that's all He does: ask. He doesn't force or demand, so you can always choose to do otherwise.
Mar. 21st, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
Assume there is a creator God, who made everything in the universe, including us - and gave us our capacities, weaknesses and proclivities, and then set us loose without clear instructions. Then said, "You can do as you please, but if you question, or do the things I made you to be inclined to do, you will suffer for eternity."

Is that evidence for a loving creator?
Mar. 21st, 2009 03:35 am (UTC)
To begin with, I'm not sold on the modern Christian idea of a "Loving God." Nor am I convinced that God is the creator of the entire universe. I guess I'm practically a heretic like that. I think that the world and God exists within a set of inviolate natural laws that can be compassionate and impersonal by turns.

You were instructed to listen and obey. Listen to whom? The Bible? The Bible is full of the stories of God's specific instructions to various individuals, most of which has little to do with anyone else. You know what is right and wrong, if you just pay attention. But, really, you are utterly the last person I would expect to desire a set of clear instructions. You have that thing about the mindless following of rules.

I get where you are going with the proclivities and weaknesses. That's a weak argument to imply that a truly loving God would want us all to act as we were made to. That ignores that there are deeply flawed people whose true impulse is to cause harm to others, people who know that what they wish to do is wrong and will rationalize all kinds of reasons why they should do it anyway.
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