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Top Fives

Half yard of happy
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Top Fives

1. Cormorant
2. Storm Petrel
3. Night Heron
4. Osprey
5. Glaucous-winged gull

Opera Arias
1. Nessun Dorma – Turandot
2. Queen of the Night – Magic Flute
3. O Mio Babbino Caro – Gianni Schicchi
4. Die Leibestod – Tristan and Isolde
5. Ave Maria – Schubert

80’s Action Movies
1. Red Dawn.
2. Commando
3. Rambo: First Blood Part Two
4. Above the Law
5. Bloodsport

Pirate Hideouts
1. Tortuga
2. Madagascar
3. Port Royal, Jamaica
4. Tripoli
5. Ocracoke Island

Mythical Beasts
1. Phoenix
2. Dragon
3. Siren
4. Will O’ Wisp
5. Tarrasque

Childhood Pets
1. Roland the hamster.
2. Pooh the Dog.
3. Ruby the Cat
4. Nibbles the Hamster
5. Tokugawa the Mouse

1. Backing cookies.
2. Rain on sidewalks
3. Dr. Bronner’s
4. The flowers beneath Coco Falls in Puerto Rico
5. The ocean near my apartment.

Comic Book Sidekicks
1. Bucky Barnes
2. Rick Jones
3. Robin
4. Speedy
5. Jimmy Olson

Regional Food Delights
1. Philadelphia Cheese steak
2. German Doner Kebab
3. New York style pizza
4. New Orleans Jambalaya
5. This incredible sort-of-meringue I had in Venice the name of which I don’t know but it was the most delicious, light, wonderful dessert I ever had.

Video Game Twists
1. Oh my god, *I’m* Darth Revan!
2. Would you kindly…?
3. The cake is a lie!
4. Oh no, the Princess isn’t in this castle!
5. Swim slowly past eight-arms.

Wines I've Had
1. Amarone Valpolicella '98
2. D'Arenberg "Dead Arm" Shiraz '02
3. Foxen Pinot Noir '01
4. Russian River Valley Sauvignon Blanc '05
5. This peppery S. Blanc that I totally failed to write down the name.

Songs with Accordion in them
1. Mariner’s Revenge Song – Decemberists
2. November – Tom Waits
3. If I Should Fall From Grace With God – The Pogues
4. Istanbul, Not Constantinople – They Might Be Giants
5. Ballad for The Arethusa - Decemberists

James Bond Cars
1. Aston Martin DB-7
2. Lotus Esprit Turbo (submersible!)
3. Aston Martin DBS-v12
4. Ford Fairlane
5. Lotus Esprit S1


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