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January 20th, 2009

I'm actually home sick today, what I thought last night was allergies due to a Santa Ana wind finally blowing through turned out to be a cold. So I'm home.

And Barack Obama is delivering his inaugural address in the frigid cold of Washington D.C. He speaks of opportunity paired with duty, with the work of our near future and the crisis of our near past - and most of all, most heartening to me he says, "In regards to our common defense, I reject as false the notion that we must secure our safety at the cost of our most dearly held values." (well, that's a paraphrase, he just said it.)

I can't believe how full the Independence Plaza is - from the Lincoln Memorial right up to the Wasthington Monument, it is absolutely full. I've never seen so many Americans in one place.

And I for one, am truly relieved at something as simple as this - that our President seems like a good guy, a white-hat. It's as simple as that, and I hope he can rescue our much-tarnished national honor and dignity.

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