Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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One of those days

In the middle of a long phone meeting, I get an email from my bank alerting me to "irregular activity". I drop off the meeting and investigate, only to find that indeed, someone in Calgary, Canada is making fraudulent charges on my debit card.


I leave work and go to the bank, reject the charges, and get a temporary debit card, which is fairly painless, really. On the way home from the bank, the Vespa conks out. It just sputters and dies. It's only a block from home so I push it in, only to find both cats roaming around the neighborhood. (In a happy first though, they wandered up to each other outside and bumped noses - clearly there is peace between cats, now. I have never before seen my cat treat any other four-footed creature as anything other than the enemy, so this is good.)

I come home and boot up my computer to get back to work - and the hard drive dies and audible and painful-sounding death. Hey, it's only 3:30, I feel sure something else crappy is still in store!

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