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The usual Jeremiads won't suffice - if you knew him, you knew his personality filled up a lot more space than his unreasonably gigantic frame. But if you didn't, you just don't know what an injustice it is that he died.

And to think, it was a treatable condition, that he couldn't afford to take care of because he had no health insurance. If you're against public health insurance, let me take this occasion to say FUCK YOU royally. My friend would be alive, if he had an option. We're all diminished by his loss - far more than we were enriched by his presence, because his absence can only ever be felt all the more keenly for how much more fun things would be with him around.

This nation needs universal health care, and Taylor Christian. It is too late for for latter, but somewhere there's another Taylor that can be helped. Write to your Congressperson and insist that universal health care should be high on our list of priorities. England managed it even while reconstructing after the blitz - surely we can too.

I won't say any more, it's all been said. But I will do more, and it will be because of Taylor.

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