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Catering to Nerds

I have some nerdy hobbies. This is neither surprising nor inappropriate, as I am a gigantic nerd. More gigantic by the day! One of my nerdy hobbies is a card game called "Vs." which is a CCG of superheroes fighting. I've played a lot of CCG's (Collectible Card Games) over the years, starting with the grandaddy, and a few others to boot. None of them got too much of a hold on me though, because they seemed more than anything to be a contest to collect, not to play.

But Vs. is different because it's half about deck construction, and half about solid play - and there are lots of good decks you can make without a huge amount of rare (thus expensive) cards. A few proxies, and you can play well without spending a fortune, and without being in an escalation to spend more and more in order to win. You COULD play that way, but you certainly don't have to - cacofunny is a perfect example of that - his decks are brutal and his play sharp, and he just started.

There are two stores locally where they sell these cards. While it doesn't cost a fortune to play, neither is it very cheap, either. That's one reason why I play just the one game - can't afford it! One of these stores has the right idea - foster competitive play amongst patrons with both hobby league tournaments and casual play, be enthusiastic about the product and give freebies with larger purchases, and more than anything - respect each patron's interest in the game. They sell lots of games - Magic, WoW TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh, all of 'em - as well as sports cards and other collectibles. And every person that comes in the owner talks to, tells them what's coming up, and is basically "into" whatever it is you're into when you walk in the door.

And there's the other place - that specializes in sports cards, but also carries plenty of TCGs, as many as the other place. And the owner there can't be bothered to find out anything about the games the customers play, is sort of supercilious, never, ever has people playing in the store - and more than anything seems to be subtly looking down at anyone who isn't into baseball cards. Why would I want to buy cards from that guy?

If you're in the business of selling things to nerds - I can't believe this needs saying, but for pants' sake, be nice to nerds!

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