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One day the course of the stream changed, and the miller's waterwheel stopped turning, and stopped grinding the farmer's fine wheat into flour. Seeing that the farmer's prize bull was sitting idle in the field most of the time, the miller went to the farmer and asked to harness the bull to the grinding wheel, to which the farmer agreed.

The bull was strong and tireless, but dangerous. It took little to set the bull to work, but anyone who came near it's hooves or horns the bull would do its best to trample or gore them. Seeing this, together the miller and the farmer created a system of rails and traces that kept the bull hard at work, but passers-by safe from danger.

As time went by, there were fewer and fewer people endangered by the bull. The rails and traces were working, and so the miller and the farmer became less and less concerned with the danger. Generations went by, and new millers and farmers grew up with safe, contained bulls - knowing theoretically of the danger, but not with first-hand experience. Seeing that the bull was constrained by its many traces and rails, the miller conferred with the farmer. "Maybe we could give the bull a little more room to work. I believe in the bull, look how strong it is! All these safe-guards, what are they for? The bull turns the wheel, anything that stands in its way is stupid!"

So they removed some of the restricting harnesses. They knocked down some of the rails. And for a while, the bull turned the wheel. So they removed some more harness and tack - and then

Moral of the story - if you don't regulate the capitalism, the engine of our economy - people are going to get trampled.

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