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An Open Letter to Kevin and Bean

Subj: Rotten Song

Hi Kevin and Bean;
I've been listening to KROQ, and specifically your morning show, since I moved to LA about five years ago. I think you guys are the best morning show around, and generally appreciate all your bits. (By "bits" I mean comedy bits, not parts of your physical bodies, which may or may not be appreciable.)

But this morning you ran a really long parody song that basically went "So gay. So gay." (repeat ad nauseam) I hated it, and switched the station because it went on way too long, and was, I felt, a nasty joke not in keeping with your generally abrasive-but-harmless tone. I'm not sure when it became ok to use "gay" as a pejorative on the air. I suppose it's inevitable that, as the last minority that it's acceptable to hate, gay people are going to mocked on elementary schoolyards and at douchebag fraternity parties. But as - and it must pain me as much as it embarrasses you to admit it - you guys are cultural leaders. People listen to you. What you joke about tells people what it's acceptable to joke about. And for some reason, you're making bigoted jokes on your morning radio show.

Guys, can you imagine if you used some other minority group than gay people in that song? "That's so black. So black! So black!" I can only imagine the dungstorm that would conjure, a dungstorm of such epic proportions that animals would be lining up two-by-two to avoid the dungflood.

As a listener who's really put off by your use of the term "gay" to insult people, I'd like to respectfully request that you refrain from bigoted jokes. If not, I suppose I, and others, could find one of the dozens of other radio shows in the LA market to which to listen.

Thanks for your time.

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