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Music Monday: Decembrists Edition

I've returned from Santa Fe, where I went to Indian ruins, ate in a dragon's room, was subjected to more country music than any mortal should have to face, was festooned with chili peppers, stood in an ecotone, saw a truly epic wedding reception train-wreck (the second most insulting wedding toast I've ever seen) and best of all, had lunch with parrismc, grrm and pyr8queen. There, grrm confessed he hadn't heard the Decemberists, which I described as "rock for history geeks." Here then, prior to a more thorough explanation of the trip, is "The Mariner's Revenge Song" from their album, Picaresque which I think is the best one they've done. If you don't own Picaresque by the Decemberists, go out and get it now!


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