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Dumb Bigot

At the gym last night, while changing to get in the pool and swim, I witnessed someone singularly unpleasant. A douchebag was having a very loud conversation on his cell phone while pacing back and forth in the locker room. He was having the sort of conversation that douchebags do, "Oh yeah, we partied hard, bro. Totally partied!" But then he went off on an expletive-laden rant about politics, loud enough that everyone in the locker room could overhear, which culminated with this, "and you know what else fucking pisses me off, bro? Those free newspapers they give you to read while you're on the stairmaster of whatever? It fucking had not one fucking article about McCain, but like, three different articles about some goddamn sand-n****r. What the fuck?"

What the fuck, indeed, douchebag. Let's examine all the ways this is douchey. First, he was one of those puffed-up dudes with fake tan and highly gelled hair. His eyes were too close together, too, which while not strictly his fault, at least indicates that his parents were probably genetically pre-disposed towards douchebaggery. He looks douchey. Second, he's having a very loud conversation, I mean, very loud - above conversational volume - in an essentially public place. This is rude and douchey. Third, he's espousing knuckle-dragger right-wing politics in the heart of Santa Monica, a notoriously progressive city. Fourth and most egregiously - he's using extremely bigoted, racist words to describe a United States Senator and possibly the next President of the United States. Utter douchebaggery, especially since Barack Obama is not a "sand-n****r" at all, but your basic run-of-the-mill mixed race American. "Sand" mixed with that particular bit of bigotry usually refers to Indian or Middle-Eastern people. I imagine that this ignorant douchebag is actually so woefully ignorant that he wasn't mis-using the word, but that he thinks that Senator Obama is actually Middle Eastern, rather than black.

So I really thought about this. What, if anything, should I say? I didn't do anything, I just went and got in the pool. But after the fact I wondered...should I have said anything? As I was weighing myself before leaving the locker room, I considered my options. I could just insult him and go. I could tell him his choice of words was offensive and inappropriate. I could just punch him in the nuts. I chose to ignore him...but should I have?

Maybe bigoted douchebags need to be made aware that what they're saying is not okay. Captain America probably would have said something. Thoughts?

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