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Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

The Cat who Wouldn't Look Up

Originally uploaded by aghrivaine

It was a long time building, this loft! It started with a design, of course, which I had relatively little to do with, other than insisting that there be secret compartments. The rest is just details.

Then, two weeks ago, we bought the raw lumber, but got a late start so didn't get much done other than cutting it to size and gluing and screwing together the posts. The next day we routed the corners and cut and inserted plugs for the screw holes. But we didn't get it done that weekend.

The next weekend, we sanded everything to hell and back, stained it, let it dry and then came back and varnished and painted. We let it dry overnight, then the next day packed it all up on top of the Adventure Galley, and made a very nervous journey from Flintridge to Venice, getting honked at all the way. Construction took the rest of the afternoon, during which time the cat was severely freaked out.

Finally the loft bed is complete, and you see it here in its (almost) finished glory...since this picture a center support is added, plus the secret compartments are to be added. There may also be a "cat ladder" added- because pyr8queen's cat, Dummy can acrobatically leap right up there, but my cat is too fat and lazy to be bothered. So she just wanders around underneath, disconsolate. Until today, I was convinced she couldn't wrap her head around the concept of "up" because I'd call to her, and she'd wander around under the bed meowing, looking for me - but refusing to look up! It was so pathetic... like I had disappeared into some dimension she couldn't perceive, and was haunting her. Basically, my cat is a flatlander.

Today, at last, she did look up, and spotted me. She still can't get up onto the loft, but at least she knows where I am. And the two cats haven't exactly been getting along, but they ignore each other except when they surprise each other. For one day cohabiting, that's pretty good - I imagine in time the hissing will stop and they'll just fall into a routine of studied indifference. It'll be even easier when Dummy can wander around outside, which is her natural habitat. Then they'll get a break from each other.

But the loft is done! Long may she sail.


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