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Surfing with dolphins

Pyrate Queen is taking time off to read up for her classes, which start again next week. I took a day off to hang out with her (and recover from meat coma!). In the afternoon we went surfing down at the breakwater. It was a lightly cloudy day with a brisk Westerly breeze. The waves were gentle and fairly crumbly, in a well-separated sets. We  hit the water at just about high-tide. I made the mistake of bringing my short board, which was wrong for the waves, and wrong for working the beach-breaks with a beginner. Umm, not that I'm not a beginner, anyway.

At any rate, PQ spotted a dolphin while we were floating on our boards. I watched it submerge, and come back up amongst a group of three dolphins moving parallel to the shore, North. Surfing with dolphins! They ducked under and I didn't see them again on the Southern side of the jetty. Beautiful day surfing.
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