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Fogo de Chao, Beverly Hills

(cross-posted from Yelp)
I've eaten at the Fogo in Dallas, and twice in Chicago. This was the best! It's a traditional Brazilian steakhouse, with a glass-walled room where slabs of meat roast over an open flame, and waiters dressed as gauchos bring around swords with meat on them. Like meat ninjas, they'll fling meat at you as long as the disk on your table is turned to the green side.

We had a serviceable, if pricey, bottle of wine and started with a little bit of salad. I think they get you to blunt your appetite by making you get your first plate from the salad bar - it's a conspiracy. Shortly after the meat started coming around, along with sides of polenta, garlic mashed potatoes and fried plantains. Every bit of meat we tried was delicious - with the garlic beef, pork pichana, and bacon-wrapped filet mignon as definitely stand-outs. The Pyrate Queen particularly enjoyed the lamb chops, which were marinated in some sort of lime-flavored marinade that was really delicious.

Our server realized her desire for lamb (there's something about eating an innocent creature that pleases her, you should see her around a bunny filet!) and whenever he had a lamb dish on the skewer, he would make a point of stopping by, even if she had the red "stop" side of her disk up. It's the little touches like that, the attention to detail, that make the meal really standout.

Before too long we were utterly full - stuffed to the craw with incredible meat dishes. Meatopia. Meatotheosis. Meat! PQ gave me a birthday present, it being my birthday - and our server noticed and offered us a free dessert. We had a molten chocolate cake that was just perfect - the external cake was dark chocolate and just a little floury, while the interior was a hot ganache explosion of lusciousness. It paired with a scoop of rich ice-cream perfectly. It was just the right size to be a nice end to a big meal, and they painted "Happy Birthday" in lime icing on the plate.  

I made a point of complimenting the manager on the way out - the meal was superb, the service extraordinarily good, and our experience over all truly excellent. It is pricey, there's no denying it - but it's well worth it.

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