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Bad Vespa Day

I drove down to Long Beach after work (1/2 day) for lunch. Taking the Vespa, I found a route that stayed off of highways. I made good time, until I discovered that my directions were totally bogus, and I ended up forced onto a major freeway right outside the freaking port. One of the largest bluewater ports in the world, with countless gigantic semis streaming in and out of it.

Lost, I ended up on a gigantic suspension bridge. The sections of the bridge were joined by metal teeth that meet to form an area where the bridge can expand and contract without affecting the road surface. Alas, the teeth were further apart than the width of the scooters small tires. So there I am on a gigantic bridge, being nearly run down by 18 wheelers, going 60mph in order to not be run over (and no Vespa was meant to go 60, I assure you) and had vivid images of sticking my front wheel between the teeth, and be hurtled over the handlebars to my death in the water far, far below. I had to juke diagonally as I crossed the teeth so I didn't go across the teeth directly. I caught myself tensing for a short flight with a sharp finish, and realized that if I were to attempt to ukemi out of that disaster at all, I'd need to be relaxed. So I willed myself to relax, and got across the bridge (not dead). And of course, stopping for directions, found the only way back to where lunch was naturally required crossing the bridge again.

In all, it was worth it, though.

However, tonight at rehearsal, I came out to find out that the ignition mechanism on the Vespa was jammed up somehow, and the lights had been on all during rehearsal. So naturally the battery is dead. And naturally the kick-start is stripped from the last time the battery died. So now I've got another Vespa-death on my hands, and it's stuck in SMC's parking lot, and tomorrow is a holiday. Clearly today was a day for the Adventure Galley, not for Bluesephalus. And I'm starting to wonder if Bluesephalus is worth the cost - he's cost FAR more in repairs than I've possibly saved on gas mileage and parking. Might be time to sell it.

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