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Steampunk Brainwave

Over the weekend, I sat down with Rob McD at Strategicon for beer and game-design talk. I finally remembered the super amazing test-resolution that Jeremy the Mystery Man told me about many years ago. After some more beer and more talk, I've come up with the skeleton of the system, and am pretty inspired about the rest.

Well, not terribly inspired at the moment - actually in a bit of a funk. But, anyway - if you or someone you know is slick with photoshop and like generating steampunk imagery, and would like to have their work showcased on please drop me a line - I need some imagery to get the site popping, and would like to put some ideas in pictures, or at least just have something cool at which to look.

Also, I saw Abney Park at the Edison - the most amazing venue for a show to which I've ever been - and happily was a part of the filming for "Airship Pirate" the video. When they post it, I will too!

At the moment though, I'm tired in my bones, tired in my heart - tired of agonizing feet, tired of fickle friends, tired of having bigger plans than I have capacity to execute. And no time to rest, either. I'll have to invent a clockwork butler to take care of some of this stuff for me.

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