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Lovely Saturday

Up early in very fresh, clean sheets. And isn't that a delight in its own? Off to a voice class, a make-up because I'm going to miss a class for the audition where I hope to be the Cowardly Lion. After class another student asked me with astonishment why I would think to audition for something, which wasn't much of a compliment, I don't think, but when I said I wanted to anyway she said, "Arrogant gringo, think you know everything." Such a pleasant lady.

Home and the sun is golden and warm, with a breeze riffling the tops of the palms and many people out on the beach - families promenading, young men prowling, girls giggling. A crowd of young girls and they're pretty (but my god, when did they get so young?) is sitting outside my building chatting until a bevvy of lads tries to chivvie them, which they're having none of and they get up and go so the proto-dudes will leave them alone. A neighbor parks her bike and says hello right next to my balcony and is surprised by my cat who is lurking under the bike-rack waiting for prey, or at least, someone to rub up on unexpectedly which she does eliciting a cry.

I've got music going and a good book and a cold soda and a bright day and surfing later. Maybe I'll run to home depot and get my bbq gas refilled and the kids from my building will end up out front like we so often do in the summer, drinking margaritas and grilling and taking pleasure in the simple act of being around other humans, like gazelles huddling in a circle near the watering hole. And maybe I'm an arrogant gringo who thinks he knows everything, but at least today it's good. Good to be an arrogant gringo who thinks he knows everything - at least I know when I've got it good and that I do, I most certainly do.

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