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Pennsylvania Politics

One of my frequent complaints about Presidential primaries in PA was that we never really had a voice. For instance, I supported Bill Bradley over Al Gore in '00, and Gen. Clark over Kerry in '04. But in both cases, "my" candidate had dropped out of the race by the time the primaries rolled around, and PA's primaries were nothing but a coronation of an already-chosen candidate.

So now, for the first time in my voting life, the land of my youth actually matters in national politics for a primary. It is telling that most people agree the race has gone on far too long, already. What does it mean that when an area actually is in play for a primary, it means the campaign has been too long? Doesn't that argue for re-doing the primaries so that more states than just the early primaries matter? If we all agree that a long primary season is undesirable, why would any state agree to be late in the primary season?

Whatever the case, I think Obama stands a pretty good chance in the Philadelphia region. Pundits aside, I still think he's going to take it. I sure do wish I could someday cast a vote in a primary that mattered, though!

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