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Historic Bathroom

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Last night I went out with some of the lads on the occasion of Nathan returning from his exile in the desert, temporarily. We met up at Manu's apartment, which is such an amazingly perfect example of the Hollywood apartment - it's in an historic building right on Hollywood Blvd, diagonally across from Graumann's Chinese, and directly above a sex shop. Ah, Hollywood!

Climbing up the stairs to his place - which was airy, with clean modern lines, hardwood floors and very stylish furnishings - I saw this door in the stairwell. I was stunned enough that I had to take a picture.

Later we went out to Kinarree Thai Cafe. I wrote a review on Yelp (Kinaree Thai), but in short - it was pretty good but reallly cheap, with cute, perky, efficient waitresses. Afterwards there was Mashti Malone ice cream - which claims among other things to aid with digestion, regulate menstrual flow, and promote energy. Whatever the case, I had rosewater-ginger ice-cream that was quite palatable. And, true to their word, my menstrual flow is quite regulated!

Afterwards we discussed our respective wishes, should we pass. One thing I do not want is people who barely know me making excessive protestations of grief. Perhaps I flatter myself in thinking that some people will be genuinely grief-stricken. I want those people to be able to appropriately express their grief in their own way - whether that be quietly or with much noise. I don't want them having to worry about hysterical, over-dramatic people who barely knew me, creating a problem that the real mourners have to solve. Paul G has volunteered to be the one who sorts people out into the "allowed to freak out" category or the "don't make this about your drama" people. Further instructions - I want a viking funeral on Venice Beach; with a lapt-top (running unix!) and my M-16 tucked into my arms. Put the longship out to sea and set her alight. If there's some sort of environmental regulation about that, scattering my ashes on Venice Beach will suffice, so long as I'm cremated properly. I've left behind (or will have) many, many embarassing stories, all of which I expect will be told at the wake. it's okay, even if it feels a little mean - because people will laugh and then they'll cry a little, too. I'm just putting that out there because, every year for a long, long time some friend of mine has died young and entirely unexpetedly. If that trend continues, let's be honest - I'm a candidate, stastically speaking. I don't want vague acquaintances tripping up my real friends, when the time comes, and neither do I want any of my real friends to have to be the one to rein-in the drama queens.

In the mean time, I'll do my best to be worth being missed. And also my best to grieve our latest loss with a little dignity.

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