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Love, Free and Abundant!

Why are we here? It's the fundamental question. Well, thelastmehina and I think, in our extensive recent experimentations, that we have an answer. Certainly it works for us, and the more of YOU it works for, we believe, the better a place the world will be.

We can take as cues what our purpose might be that pool of experiences which are universal to human experience. Fundamentally of course, "to exist" is universal to the human experience, and towards that end, we believe that the right to exist is a fundamental human right. Any activity which ends human existence; whether it be immediate violence visited upon a person, execution by a state apparatus, or even activities which imperil future human habitability of the world, are opposed to our philosophy. Abortion doesn't count, because a clump of cells has no more right ot exist than does the common cold.

But what else is universal in human experience? We all suffer, and we all experience pleasure. It is fundamental to human nature that we seek to avoid suffering, and to embrace pleasure. What's more, from the moment of birth, humans are generally embraced with love, which gives them pleasure - and avoid anger and hatred, which causes them to suffer. Therefore it is fundamental to human nature to experience the pleasure of being loved, and loving in return. There are many ways to express this fundamental human experience, from the love of parents for children, to the love of the divine, and the generalized love of humanity which we call compassion. But the one kind of love which most significantly expresses both love and pleasure is erotic love.

Therefore, we believe in the furtherance of Erotic Love as the ultimate expression of universal human experience, as the alpha and omega of human feeling. With the act of giving love and pleasure, we receive love and pleasure. No other act has such an instantaneous and exponential growth of love and pleasure in the world, and therefore, no calling could be higher for any human to aspire to. thelastmehina and I have, in the course of refining our philosophy, developed new techniques of expressing love and pleasure which we believe will be instrumental in bringing a new state of enlightenment to the world; specifically, we have found the greatest way to turn suffering into the kind of erotic love which suffuses two people with its opposite, pleasure. We can not help but share this technique with the world.

Towards that end, we have decided to host an event, the first of many to come, where all present will be afforded the opportunity to experience intense erotic love in which pain is transmuted to pleasure, and love from the body fills up the heart of not just two people, but of the many who choose to partake. Call it sex magic, call it an orgy, call it a free love cult - the point is, the world needs more fucking, and we want to share. We hope that you will join us, that you will you spread the word amongst any humans you know who need more love (and who doesn't?) and that this first gathering will the be the start of a great and powerful movement of love that ends war, hatred, privation, intolerance - and replaces it with sweet, sweet fucking.

Time, place, and details on the very important aspect of health concerns (you must bring protection and a recent HIV test) are behind the cut.

Will be on April first. aka - APRIL FOOL'S DAY!
You naughty thing, you wouldn't have clicked the cut if you weren't interested, no matter how improbable you thought it was!


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