Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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Getting Older

I fell off of a mountain once, and after catching my breath, just climbed back up. The incident caused the spontaneous religious conversion of one of the soldiers in my squad who witnessed it. I was run over by an Abrams tank, struck by lightning, shot, and been in countless car, motorcycle and other accidents. Never with a scratch - not a mark.

But suddenly I'm mortal. Separated my shoulder a few years ago, and that just seemed to break the spell - plantar fasciitis, ruptured ligaments dancing, illnesses. This weekend I spent running around in the woods like I have on so many other weekends in the past - but this time I'm perilously sore. Six years in the Army and I never once got a tick, but this time I found one buried smack over my heart. Digging the little blighter out was painful, of course his head snapped off and I had to carve it out with a razor blade. With my recent luck, I've now got lyme disease! I'm exhausted, my feet are two lumps of agony, all my muscles are sore, and I have a huge black wound over my heart.

Lord love a duck; when I did I become mortal?

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