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Nigerian Skype Scammer

They've moved to Skype, now.
I never knew they were gonna charge me costly for the shipment fee
[8:00:21 PM] DVK says: those rotten bastards!
[8:00:32 PM] Jannet says: but i'll like you to assist me in recieving payment from my client so i can cover all this taxes hun
[8:00:46 PM] DVK says: oh really?
[8:00:58 PM] Jannet says: yes babe
[8:01:29 PM] Jannet says: I'm expecting payment from my client and i'll let you know wat is required in recieving it for me babe
[8:01:36 PM] DVK says: Oh, I could'nt do that.
[8:01:51 PM] DVK says: My father is the grandmaster of a ninja temple, and he controls my money very carefully.
[8:02:05 PM] DVK says: he wants to be sure i'm not accepting free-lance assassinations, you see.
[8:02:07 PM] Jannet says: I'm not after your money though
[8:02:18 PM] DVK says: no, it's for your own safety!
[8:02:31 PM] DVK says: he found out I had taken money from someone, he would send the ninjas after you.
[8:02:34 PM] Jannet says: just wanna let you recieve my payment from client
[8:03:03 PM] DVK says: Well, do you think you could defeat hordes of trained ninja assassins?
[8:03:24 PM] Jannet says: seems you are toying wid me
[8:03:40 PM] DVK says: No, it's just that you're in a great deal of danger even talking to me
[8:04:38 PM] Jannet says: alright then
[8:05:16 PM] DVK says: Hm. Let me guess though - you're actually in Nigeria, right?
[8:05:43 PM] Jannet says: seems you' have alot of ppl you talk to on net
[8:05:43 PM] DVK says: frickin' scammer. I'm sending the ninjas after you. you'd better run and hide!

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