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Hip-Hop Garanimals

Remember Garanimals? Kids clothes that had animal tags on them that indicated what matched with what - if you had a tiger on your pants, you should have a tiger on your shirt, basically.

So yesterday, based on the old "dress for the job that you want" adage, I figured I should get some dress pants for work, I went to the Camarillo outlets. I poked around in the Mark Ecko Unltd. outlet, and realized that Ecko's styles are basically hip-hop Garanimals. There are pants with a pattern on the pockets, for instance, and matching t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

I guess if you're a style-less gangsta, Ecko makes it easy? Maybe the hats actually have a little line that indicates exactly how far off of center they should be cocked? Pants carefully calibrated to just barely hang on to the very last inch of your ass?

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