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Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader has been declared an enemy of the people of East East Bumbleford. If you click the link, you will se a burgeoning city of more than one hundred people, all of them united in their resolve to kick Nader in the sack.

I, Enlightened Despotic Sublime Tyrant Mayor of East East Bumbleford explain the resolution thus: I am pretty far out on the left wing. Even I think the Green Party platform is looney. They advocate the same kind of Magical Pony Thinking that the libertarians do, only in this case devolving all power to the Federal government, rather than the Magical Pony. If I, left-wing moonbat that I am, think Nader is too far out to be representative of a legitimate political platform, I ask you, who exactly is he representing? Okay, sure, there's a small segment of the population that are actually invested in the Green Party movement, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that the majority of people who voted Green never really read the platform, and really thought they were voting for Priuses and Recycling Programs. But they weren't, they were voting for making classroom dissections of frogs illegal, outlawing "accumulation of excessive personal wealth" and a halt to nano-technological research?

Admittedly, the current incarnation of the Green platform is less lunatic than it was in 2000, and I agree with at leat as much as I disagree with. What I don't agree with is the actual, practical effect of a large Green effort to run Nader; which is to potentially split the Democratic vote, and guarantee the election of the Republicans. And how well did that work out, for the past 7 years? We can certainly aspire to what OUGHT to be, but in the mean time, we live in the world that IS. In the world as it is, East Bumbleford feels that Nader is a big jerk that serves no public good by running.

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