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Video Games Fridays!

Friday night - I've got a kickass video game, some delicious brussels sprouts (shut up, they're amazing) and a mojito. This makes me ridiculously content with the world. I had a dream last night where my ex (Which one,  irrelevant, but she's probably reading this...) was pregnant, and we decided to raise the sproggin together. I was very excited to meet my new kidlet. She decided, however, on the day she was due, to go see a parade. Why? I dunno, she's just...odd like that. And of course I got lost, and so the dream was about me finding my way back to where I needed to be to meet my new son/daughter.

But something tells me that, should such a thing ever come to pass... peaceful Friday  nights with video games are pretty much a thing of the past. I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

P.S. Sugar-free apple-pie ala-mode puddin'. Science has given us this glory. Life is good.

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