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Seven Quirks

I've been tagged twice, so I guess I ought to do it.

a) List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b) Tag seven people to do the same
c) Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. I sing songs to my cat, only I change the lyrics to be about her. For instance, in my voice class I had to sing "Greensleeves" last night, so when I got home it became "Orangecat". Whatever's on the radio or on the iPod will also do.
2. I am almost completely ambidextrous. My right-hand hand-writing is pretty poor, and I throw things left-hand dominant. Otherwise, it makes no difference.
3. I have a lightning shaped scar on my forehead. I don't think it was put there by He Who Must Not Be Named, however.
4. I was born on the night of a meteor shower, with a silver streak in my full head of hair.
5. I was briefly Everquest-Famous for leaving corpses scattered all over Norrath, everywhere and constantly.
6. I have not had a relationship that lasted longer than two months in almost ten years. This has not always been by choice.
7. I find myself frequently compelled to do things at which I have no natural talent at all. Examples; surfing, triathlon, Aikido.

I tag; joemorf, blanchemains, forthright, maeris, oedi, vis_major, and Amanda, who is reading this, but doesn't have a livejournal, but will have to make one to complete this.

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