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Reality Check

Ex coworker confides in me, via IM, that he is positive that Jews secretly control the U.S. government (and most of the world) and that Israel is evil. He states that he has nothing against Jews, they just have to be stopped. He has previously stated that the greatest problem in America is illegal immigrants, who are leeches that contribute nothing and suck up the majority of resources in the U.S.

Personally, I call that at best, anti-semitism, at worst - flagranty bigotry. He thinks I'm making assumptions, and says I'm way off base. I lost my temper and refused to speak about it further - after all, Captain America knows what to do with Nazis, and it's not politely refer them to counselling. But am I crazy?

Poll #1138530 bigoted coworkers

Is he a bigot?


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