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In Defense of Valentine's Day

Quite a few people have been vigorously decrying the horrors of Valentine's Day. But I am here to speak its praises. (Ironic, since I have no one with which to share it.) Television commercials would certainly have you believe that all women feel that men are obligated to give them expensive gifts and take them to exorbitant destinations. But really folks - why would you believe a television commercial? Do you really think, for instance, that there's a little gecko that will help you find insurance? Or that drinking Bud Light ever gave anyone super-powers? Or that women will fall at your feet if you wear Axe body-spray? Of course not, all those things are hypberbolic, and not meant to be taken literally. And neither are demands for jewelry, chocolate, or flowers. So why have so many people taken these commercials on their face?

Valentine's Day is not an excuse to take for granted your loved one every other day of the year; rather, it's just a chance to pay a little extra attention. Presumably we're all wonderful, loving people who express our feelings with perfect emotional honesty, every single day of the year. But I would certainly hope that taking a few minutes to pick up some chocolates, or going out for a particularly nice dinner - or any sort of special occasion, whether it's the beach, the park, a show, what-have-you - I would certainly hope, I say, that both members of the couple would enjoy that activitiy. You're not just taking your significant other out, you're taking yourself out, too, right?

So why not enjoy it? I don't get all the hostility - it's a holiday that celebrates romantic love. Our culture practically deifies romantic love, it's no wonder at all that a holiday pertaining to it would be widespread. And like any holiday, we could be skeptical - who needs a damn family for Thanksgiving, right? And isn't a Christmas tree just a big pain in the ass? But I, for one, do those things because they're fun, and I enjoy them. If I had a Valentine, i would gladly make a little extra effort - not because I feel obligated, but instead, because I would myself enjoy it, and I hope so too would my Valentine.

So c'mon folks - lighten up. How many holidays give you an excuse to eat chocolate and get laid? Not nearly enough, I say!

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