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Robb Stark

I always end up the good guy, in these quizzes.
Darn it, i wanted to be Samwell Tarly!

Your Score: Robb Stark

You scored 250 Adaptability, 240 Humor, 300 Integrity and 240 Activity!

I have won every battle, yet somehow I am losing the war.

You are Robb Stark.

You are a strong person. You are able to take on enormous amounts of responsibility with little complaint. You always do the right thing, though you sometimes have difficulty understanding the fact that most other people don't. There is little that you fear. You are very confident in yourself and you have some serious athletic skills going on. Though confident, you are also extremely altruistic and are willing to make great sacrifices for what you believe is right. You are honorable, brave, and selfless.

You are also similar to Eddard Stark and Oberyn Martell. Your polar opposite is Theon Greyjoy.

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