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Gentleman of Leisure

Last night I picked up an instruction book on how to read music. I can sort of make out some sheet music, but I can't sight-read, that's for sure. I also found a field guide to birds, so I can finally identify some of the funny little shore-birds that are darting around out on the beach. I have hopes of seeing both a phalarope and an oystercatcher. Certainly there are California gulls a-plenty; which are, as I suspected, a different breed from the gulls of the Jersey Shore (quite a bit beakier, basically).

So now, on my list of things to do in my spare time; voice lessons, learn to read music, build a detailed model of HMS Victory, identify birds, learn to play the cello, tackle my mound of reading materials, write a few movies, explore the city, stay on top of Sangre Angeles, and start a band called "Shinjuku Party Train: The 1000 Hobo Army Experience".

I need a lot more free time, basically. I can either give up sleeping, or maybe find some way to not have a job. It would really be superb if I were to inherit some sort of fortune. Or maybe receieved a stipend as enlightened by despotic mayor of East Bumbleford.

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