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Perfect Night

Last night Catwoman and other friends from SMC came over, as well as a happy guest appearance by nephandi, immediately before his departure for the frozen North  East. Wine flowed, a little slowly at first - but then good wine is by nature a lonely creature, only made pleased by the company of its peers, and before too long everyone was inhabiting that zone of contentment that comes with good company and the glow of the grape.

We started out rocking on Guitar Hero, which really is a great game for a party. Eventually there were board and card games, as well. Finally we strolled down to the ocean before parting ways. Standing by the winter water with good friends, listening to Jon play my dijiridoo (he's determined to teach me) and sharing the easy companionship that comes with such creative, joyful people. It was my idea of a perfect weekend night. As I get older, good times seem more often to happen as a result of company rather than geography. It used to be all about cruising for the right party, bar, or club; now I much prefer spending amiable, cheerful time with people I cherish.

I am particularly sad to see nephandi go, even now he's driving across the country. As he took his leave, I cast about my apartment, looking for some token I could give him for his travels, or as a keepsake. But nothing suffices - no thing could ever be as valuable as his friendship. God and good fortune between him and evil; and may he come again soon. Nights like last night help me remember how remarkably blessed I am.

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