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Behold, my noble steed, the mighty Bluesephalus! It is indeed nephandi's old Vespa, which he will have no need of in the frozen wastelands of North East America. Therefore, I have taken it from him, and since he didn't accept my offer of a whole slew of CCG cards, and my cat, I had to give him money.

It's quite useful in Venice, as I can park it in the front area of my apartment building and not have to wander all about looking for a parking spot. I can not tell you what a blessing that is! It's also fun to ride, and I am thinking that I am going to be the world's first xTremE! Vespa stunt-rider. I wonder how far I could jump her?

Arriving at trekker315's house last night for Nerd Night, I commented to he and daogre that I had become a stereotype, I had just stopped at Whole Foods on my Vespa to pick up some organic vegetables for dinner. I'll try not to have such stereotypical moments in the future, probably by getting one of those totally rad skull helmets to wear. That'd be bitchin' Particularly if they had them in a matching blue!

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