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I dream I am Tom Pullings

I had my second "Aubrey/Maturin" dream last night. My habit of reading myself to sleep rearing its head, no doubt. The first time I dreamt it was just ME on HMS Surprise, the dear old Surprise. I was aware that I'd travelled back in time, and made myself valuable to Captain Aubrey by giving him key information about future battles (the past to me) against the French, as well as technological advances in gunnery. I was particularly valuable to Dr. Maturin, in that even my rudimentary university education in science (recall that my first semester, I was a physics major - keenly interested, just not talented) I was able to inform him about germ theory, huge advances in medicine and first aid, and greatly improve the probability of survival of crewmen by helping to prevent infections, as well as dissuading him from some of the more deleterious remedies of the 19th century - like bleeding and using mercury for syphilis. They were both quite cordial and friendly to me, and would join them in their evenings of music, occasionally singing with them, but mostly just sipping port and appreciating. It was singularly pleasant, and a rare dream of pure wish fulfillment.

Last night I dream that I was Tom Pullings (first officer on the dear old Surprise) and while Surprise was ashore to for scraping and re-coppering, I was in charge of the labors. The place where we'd careened her wasn't a port, per se, but there were many and varied locals, including a woman skilled in medicine with whom I had an awkward sort of romantic chemistry. She was half-black, and though young and attractive, her hair was greying. It wasn't purely a happy dream though - because somewhere along the line I lost where I'd slung my hammock ashore, which included all my gear and uniform bits rolled up in it. I was trying to find it before Captain Aubrey realized I had nothing but "shore-going rig" to wear for duty, but having no success and coming to grips with the fact that, since I was penniless, it meant I'd have to spend the rest of the cruise with no gear, and probably freezing. So, a little stressy - but for the most part adventurous.

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