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Fifty Pounds

I have tried on several occasions to lose weight, both at my internist's urging, and at a basic assessment of the mirror. Also the fact that showing friends old pictures, like Army, or pre-Army, they generally say something like, "Wow, I can't believe that's you!" I wondered what they meant, I mean - I'm still that guy, right? A little heavier, but still recognizably me, darnit! But the last straw was seeing pictures a friend took at Catwoman's New Year's Eve party - there I was with my extremely attractive friends, happy and smiling.. and I just couldn't believe how heavy and bloated I looked. And it wasn't a temporary thing, not like I'd been sick or anything. Just... too fat.

So I'm researching, like geeks do, on the internet. The government's recommendation for someone my height (six foot, even) is 144 to 177 pounds. (That's 1.82m, and between 65.3 - 80.2kg for our European friends.) I was shocked and offended. 177 pounds? I haven't weighed that much since High School, and i was really skinny in High School! Even at the peak of my fitness, in the Army, I didn't weight 177. No way. For me, maybe 185 was a pretty good goal - which is still technically overweight, but that's about what I weighed after basic training right? Jeez. It really bothered me. 177 pounds!

And then I went and looked at my military ID (which I still habitually carry) ...and sure enough, there it was. Cpl. Krieger, David V. Height: 6'0" Weight: 170.

Sweet mother of muppets - I've gained 55 pounds since basic training. That's just astonishing. Fifty five pounds! All day that number was rattling around in my head. I mean, that's like a third of my body-weight. That's as much as like, a Russian gymast or something! 55? Really?

So yeah. I'm doing this - and not half-assed. Not like before, where I'd get down to 200 and celebrate with a big plate of wings or something. If I keep up what I've been doing for the past... jeez, 13 years, I'll be gigantic by the time I'm 40. I truly fear being more like my father - a fat alcoholic - than my grandfather - a thin and abstemious man. No more, I'm just going to fix it, and be done with it!

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