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My newest obsession

Is not the Braun Oral-B Triumph toothbrush. Though that is intriguing - it has bluetooth! Now that I have this, all other toothbrushes just seem to hopelessly twen-cen. But no, that's not it.
This is my latest obsession - an insanely detailed model of a cross-section of HMS Victory (1:98 scale).
I just got the kit in the mail today - and opening the box was very intimidating. So many teeny little pieces! I checked some other modellers online blogs about putting it together, and it looks extremely complicated. I can't even start until I acquire a passel of knives, varnishes, adhesives and coatings; fortunately I already have all the paints I need. And because it's a shallow cross-section, it's frameable, too - which provided I do a decent job of it, should make for a fairly neat piece of art when complete. But lord, how long will it take me? And will this lead to other ship-building projects?

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