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Los Angeles Jedi Wars

In this episode of Boing Boing tv, Xeni Jardin (current target of my media-star crush) visits a Los Angeles area group that gets together in a park and practices light-saber duelling. The founder reveals that he has no formal training in martial arts, but has watched the videos a lot. This allows hiim to utilize "the same thing that Bruce Lee did when he made Jeet Kune Do" and take what works from a lot of different styles. The big difference being, Bruce Lee actually knew a lot of different styles. But let us not quibble - the important thing here is - these guys get together and play with light-sabers, right here in LA!

My feelings on this are mixed. On one hand, chasing my friends around in a park swinging light-sabers with much gusto appeals to me. On the other... I think it sort of crosses a line of nerd-dom. Maybe I crossed that line a long time ago. Maybe not. What say you, my friends?


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