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Went to a fight practice for a game with daogre and others.
At that fight practice, I was forced to learn a country dance - a Virginia Reel, specifically. I like dancing just fine, but this kind was sort of dorky, and especially because there were substantially more lads than lasses. And then... I absolutely tore out my planar tendon. I felt a warm "POP!" sensation under my left foot, like I had just stepped on body-temperature bubble wrap. After that, searing agony.

Getting to the car - pain. To dinner? Pain. Parking at CVS to get some athletic tape to wrap myself, because I have a dance audition for Aida tomorrow? Pain.

And then, to top it off, a guy backed into me in his pickup truck in the parking lot CVS. No big deal, but he's uninsured, so if there's any hidden damage, I'm fuXX0r3d.

Walking from where I parked back home was the longest four blocks in recent memory. I stepped a little wrong coming up the steps, and it hurt so much I actually shouted, and tears sprang to my eyes. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. I mean, I fell off a mountain without complaining once. But this hurt.

Lovely day.

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